Why do you have a USB flash drive that you need to format before you use it?

- May 12, 2018-

Why do you have a USB flash drive that you need to format before you use it?

I don't know if you have ever encountered a USB flash drive and can't open it, and double-click the USB drive to format your USB flash drive. Someone came across this weird USB flash drive. You can't use it after plugging in the computer, and you are prompted to "format it before using the USB drive in the drive". It is still not good to pull out and plug in the computer a few times.

There is no way, that is according to the prompt the hard heart to format the USB stick, who knows the format will still be unable to use. (this is generally the case when you buy a USB flash drive. What is "black film"? The black chip is the defective product of the chip factory, not the factory standard, and the chip model chip. Then "dirty" businessman with chip to do USB stick, such as often you will find on the package of nominal capacity and reality, but you plugged into the laptop look not to come out in USB stick attributes, 16 gb capacity, on the package inside the computer attribute is 16 gb. But if you actually put some big files in there, you'll see that this is not the case, and maybe 8GB is not enough.)

Why is that? Because many of the USB flash drives are expanded, the software can modify "memory capacity" and "brand" and "model" at will. The problem may be that because of the expansion of the USB stick.

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So how do we tell if we're going to make a USB flash drive? 

ChipGenius can be used to detect the main control model used in USB flash drive.

Open and download the volume production tool of the main control chip of the USB drive to modify the USB stick and remass production.

Through production tool to detect the actual capacity USB drive is 8 GB, while in the system according to 31.25 GB is clearly modified capacity are considered, and the production tool once how can production USB stick, about 16 how brand model can be written, increasing serial number is automatically generated.

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