Why is there no file in the usb drive but memory?

- May 08, 2018-

There is no file in the USB drive but it has memory.

1. the file may be hidden, the method is: open my computer, click the tool - folder option - view - display all files and folder check - determine should be able to see.

2. The newly purchased USB flash drive is 8G but only 7.2G, which is the system file occupied and is normal. Because each storage device has its own hypervisor and some files that take up a small amount of space, the manufacturer is not the same as the computer. The manufacturer is 1000KB=1MB,1000MB=1G. The computer is 1024KB=1MB,1024MB=1GB;

3. Virus infection. At present, the USB drive virus has become a more common virus, and it is easy to catch virus in USB flash drive, and to kill Trojan horse and virus with professional anti-virus software. When you open the antivirus software, you can kill the virus in the USB flash drive. USB stick after the poisoning, the virus in order to increase the confidentiality, often to the inside of the USB stick file, folder, hidden, to generate the same exe file and folder pictures, mislead users run, infect computers, so the computer is killing the virus.

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USB stick anti-virus knowledge:

1. Turn off the system's automatic function: click "start - run", in the "open" box, type "gpedit.msc", click "ok" button, and open the "group policy" window. Under the "local computer strategy" in the left pane, expand the "computer configuration - management template-system" and then double-click "turn off the automatic play" under the "Settings" heading in the right pane. Click "Settings" TAB, select the check button is enabled, then click in the "closed automatically play" box "all drive", click "ok" button, and finally close the group policy window.

2. Open the write protection switch of USB drive.

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