Why usb space is obvious, but it shows insufficient space to put things

- Apr 24, 2018-

  1. If U disk clearly has a lot of space, when copying the file, it shows that the usb drive is insufficient. This is because the copied file is larger than 4G, and the format of FAT32 does not support copying files larger than 4G at one time.promotion gift bracelet usb flash drives .jpg

  2. can use the NTFS or EXFAT file system to format the U disk, you can solve this problem.

  3. the operating method is as follows:

 (1) Insert the usb flash drive into the usb socket of the host computer.

 (2) Open the computer and find the removable disk. Right click on the U disk icon to format A.

 (3) After popping the format window, left click on the file system drop-down button and select       EXFAT  or NTFS to start.

 (4) After formatting is complete, files larger than 4G can be copied into a usb stick.

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