32gb Metal Car Model USB Flash Drive

- May 21, 2018-

32gb Metal Car Model USB Flash Drive.

Metal car model USB flash drive model USB stick USB flash drive USB flash drive.

OEM project description:

Seal: silk, full color printing, laser engraving, stamping method. It depends.

Packages: options for a variety of regular packages or custom packages.

Preload file: upload the data to the drive and set it to "the user cannot delete the file". This is a very good service, a special gift or advertising project.

Auto run: when you insert a USB drive into your computer, the file (audio/video/PDF, etc.) will play automatically.

Color: match the PMS color as required.

Here are some things to note:

1.Make sure the USB flash drive is away from moisture, dust and heat;

2. Don't tapUSB flash drive;

3. Do not give up USB flash drive protection device;

Unplug the USB drive in the right way;

Do not connect USB drive with computer for more than 3 hours.