360 Degree Wooden Rotary USB Flash Drive.

- Apr 18, 2018-

360 degree wooden rotaryUSB flash drive.


 classic swivel usb flash drives

360 - degree rotating wooden USB flash drive 1. Low product attribute memory size: 1 MB to 32 MB of 64 MB 128 MB 256 MB 512 MB, 1 gb to 2 gb 4 gb, 8 gb, 16 gb and 32 gb 64 gb 64 gb low interface: 2.0 speed low logo printing: full color printing, screen printing, laser engraving low usage: data storage low reading speed: 10 MB to 18 MB/S low writing speed: 4 MB - 10 MB/S...

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Product details

360 degree wooden rotary USB flash drive.

1. Product features

Memory size: 1MB 32MB 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB.

Interface: 2.0 speed.

Printing: full color printing, silk printing, laser engraving.

Use: data storage.

Read speed: 10MB-18MB/S.

Write speed: 4MB-10MB/S.

Data retention period: 10 years.

Delivery: DHL, EMS, TNT, UPS, EMS.

A + class memory.


                                                      rotating wooden USB flash drive

Delivery time: 1,000 PCS 4 days.

2. Logo printing on USB.

Full color printing: any function on your logo will be displayed on USB with the same 100%.

Screen printing: this method is always used in the pure color printing, it makes the mark very clear, never fades;

Laser: it is not always possible to display colors on a drive, and it displays the color of the original material.

3. Product description

Twist rod model is made of metal and wood materials, compared with the traditional, it increases the strength, but still there is room enough and the same to make your logo printing, better for the company's promotional gifts.

Kangchi Technology has over ten years of experience in manufacturing USB flash drives, and is sold at home and abroad. It is recognized as one of the manufacturers and suppliers of 360 degree wooden rotary USB flash drives.Custom 360-degree wooden rotary USB flash drive is also available.