90 Percent Of The People In The USB Drive Are Wrong!

- May 10, 2018-

Have you ever encountered a sudden need to format or file a sudden loss in the process of using a usb flash drive?

In addition to the problem of the quality of the usb flash disk, there is also the possibility that you do not pay attention to the interpolation during the use of the usb flash drive. What should you pay attention to when the usb stick is plugged in?

Do not pull out immediately after inserting the usb flash drive.


In particular, do not plug and pull repeatedly because the operating system requires a certain amount of response time, and when the interval is interrupted, it is better to ask for more than 5 seconds.

Do not insert immediately after unplugging, wait 5 seconds before inserting.

Do not pull the U disk when the light is on.

The light and light of the indicator light reflect the different state of the u disk. Generally speaking, when the light is on, you cannot unplug the usb flash drive.

For a usb flash drive without an indicator, it is safer to wait for a few moments after completing the read and write operation.

Pay attention to the direction.

When you encounter a situation that cannot be inserted, do not force it to see if it is in the wrong direction, and you can always solve the problem in a different direction.

The above is our company's use of the usb flash share, more information please pay attention.

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