Antique Key USB Flash Drive.

- May 08, 2018-

    Antique key USB flash drive.

    Antique metal key USB flash drive. The key USB with our other gold or silver USB key same shape, the only difference is that it's an antique color, and the key on the special heart, make it more valuable, more meaningful gift for a friend or lover.

    Antique key USB flash drive with OEM style and logo printing: laser engraving and screen printing, volume small, the material is mainly metal, capacity is bigger, can be up to 128 MB - 128 gb, simple fashion shape of the USB driver, elegant and portable USB driver, read high performance of data transmission rate is high, 8 MB/s to 15 MB/s, write to 2 MB/s to 8 MB/s. Performance depends on different operating systems and different flash units.USB standard interface 1.1 & 2.0 USB flash drive, unmanned, hot plug and play.

    Xin hua chuang technology company. Has the experience of producing USB flash disk for many years, and it is sold at home and abroad, and is recognized as a professional manufacturer and supplier of antique metal key USB flash drive. Custom antique metal key usb flash drives are also available.

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