Audiophile, What Kind Of Person Are You?

- May 30, 2018-

People come together by kind and things come together in groups, but it is well known that even when people come together, there are differences.

The same is true forbluetooth speaker (home theater AV, HIEND), with different interests, different living environments, and different listening habits.


They are shaping the very different groups of enthusiasts.

But in terms of general situation, can still be summing up the general types of speaker drive, small make up, sort out the content to share with you, as for the content is appropriate and reasonable, each view is not the same, you can as entertainment gossip.


Silent type

This kind of people deeply love the sound in their heart, no publicity, no creation, constantly listening to different sound and music, looking for the one they love the most.

Even love to delve into technology, DIY equipment and matching.

They enjoy the sound system while also improving their skills, abilities and culture.


The ego type

They think any brand's sound system is bad, other fans' collocation or DIY is not good, often cannot listen to others' advice.

He often boasted of his own household equipment as invincible, but once he wanted to go to his home, he did not want to be there.

Demonic type

Playing the stereo is not an easy thing. You have to have time, energy, and money.

Some enthusiasts, regardless of their own economic conditions, upgrade the power amplifier today, upgrade the sound box tomorrow, spend a lot of money, so that the family's economic burden is heavier.

You know, when you pay for your hobbies, you also have to shoulder responsibilities in life.

There are also some lovers, starting to burn, no matter the day or night, no matter to others, no matter the interruption, hard listening, not good rest of their own while also let others rest.

Long, long time, many health effects.

This kind of fanboy's love is admirable, but we all have to live and work not, let the love of sound not disturb our own and other people's lives.

That's what our company loves about sound.