Card U Disk

- May 03, 2018-

1.Business card U disk

credit card shapes usb flash drive.jpg  This is a USB flash drive style customized by the company to promote its own image. It can be used as a form of marketing corporate image during corporate events. It can display new products, promote advertising, and let the company's mental outlook and product advantages The inside of it has been fully demonstrated. You can distribute it as a high-end business card to your customers. From time to time, you can understand the business trends of your company, keep up-to-date with product information, and have new cooperation with you at any time. Individuals can also customize some of these U-disks for delivery. For example, artists, designers, and professors can store their own materials and works for others to give people more knowledge of you.

2. the theme card U disk

transparent credit card usb flash drive.jpg

U disk card This is a theme card U disk specially designed for the new company listing, shareholders commemorative conference, holiday gifts promotions, exhibitions to do publicity. You can design various topics according to the theme and content of your company, so that consumers can open the USB drive to see your company's products, increase the exposure of your company's products, and use it as a new form of advertising media. Just insert the disk, you can automatically pop up ads or videos, if you are interested, you can also click on the link address to enter the company's website to check the company's latest developments, is a long-lasting advertising model.