Chinese Scientists Create A Third Type Of Disk Drive Technology

- Apr 11, 2018-

  It is understood that there are two main types of semiconductor charge storage technology. The first type is volatile memory, such as memory in a computer. The data will disappear immediately after a power failure. The second type is non-volatile memory, such as the commonly used U. Disk, no extra energy can be stored for 10 years after writing data. The former can write data in about a few nanoseconds, and the second type of charge storage technology takes several microseconds to tens of microseconds to save the data.

  The new charge storage technology developed this time not only satisfies the speed of writing data of 10 nanoseconds, but also realizes the quasi-non-volatile characteristics of on-demand (10 seconds to 10 years) adjustable data. This new feature not only can greatly reduce the storage power consumption in high-speed memory, but also can naturally disappear after the expiration date of data, and solves the contradiction between confidentiality and transmission in special application scenarios.

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  This study innovatively selected multiple two-dimensional material stacks to form a semi-floating gate structure transistor: molybdenum disulfide, tungsten diselenide, and germanium disulfide are used for switching charge transport and storage, respectively, and boron nitride is used as a tunneling layer. A van der Waals heterojunction of a step-valley structure.

  Write speed is 10,000 times faster than current U disk, data refresh time is 156 times that of memory technology, and it has excellent controllability. It can realize the design of memory structure according to the data effective time requirement... After testing, the researchers found that this is based on New heterojunctions for all-dimensional materials enable a new class III storage feature.

  Researchers said that quasi-non-volatile memory based on two-dimensional semiconductors can realize high-density integration on the basis of large-scale synthesis technology, and will play an important role in many fields, such as extremely low-power high-speed storage and the use of data for free term validity.

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