Company Gift Key USB Flash Drive

- May 08, 2018-

    Company gift key USB flash drive.

    Company gift key USB flash drive. The key to a successful campaign is in your hands! A USB flash drive opens many doors for everyone who gets the device. This flash drive is thin, simple, and easy to carry, handling a lot of the data stored, it is not only a practical tool, but also a wonderful promotional gift! Its perfect small size and standard key ring can be matched with any key ring.

    Next, we will do some simple understanding of the USB flash drive for company gift keys.

    1. Its color is mainly silver, gold, red, black and blue.

    2. The material is mainly metal.

    3, the capacity of the sort is more, there are 128 MB 128 MB 512 MB, 1 gb, 2 gb, 4 gb, 8 gb, 16 gb, 32 gb and 64 gb and 128 gb.

    4. It does not need a drive, no external power supply, and automatic system detection as removable disk. It can be plug and play.

    Our company has more than ten years of experience in producing USB flash drive, and is sold at home and abroad, and is recognized as one of the manufacturers of professional gift USB flash disk. Custom company gift key usb flash drive is also available.

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