Crystal USB Pen Drive 3D Logo

- May 16, 2018-

    With the development of the society, many consumers like tide and outdoor sports, therefore, for young fashion group, a unique appearance, easy to carryu disk is the best partner. In this way, you can show your unique side and make your life more harmonious and fulfilling.

    Let's take a look at our company's USB stick, thecrystal USB pen drive3D logo. So what does it have? Let's move on.

    1. Agile and elegant, adopt advanced technology to make usb pen drive shell, beautiful and elegant shape, beautiful and elegant shape, now remove storage products super ligh, easy to accept 

design conception.

    2. High speed, see USB 2.0/3.0, fast data transmission.

    3. Easy to use, no power required.

    4. Safe and reliable, using flash electronic storage medium, can absorb more than 1 million times, data retention :>10 years, anti-magnetic, shockproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, impact resistance.

    5. Large storage capacity, low price.

    6. Encrypted data.

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