Custom Plastic Usb Pen Drive

- May 19, 2018-

    Customplastic usb pen drive.

    XYC is the most reliable supplier of high-quality customized plastic USB flash drives in the industry.      Our custom plastic USB flash drive is very durable. Reliable and efficient use is made of high quality raw materials, which meet industry standards. These USB flash drives have been carefully designed to create a variety of new products and we will create a new product.

    The company has a professional research and development design team, according to different consumer groups, such as youth group, teaching staff group, enterprise group, and so on, have different design points. In addition, the company will also regularly launch some innovative u-diskproducts to win consumers' favor.


    1. Support Usb full speed (12mbps) transmission.

    2. Windows Me / 2000 / xp,Linux 2.4. Mac Os9.1/ Mac Os X, Linux 2.4. Support Usb quality storage protocol, do not need drive installation.

    3. Support for starting with a usb-hdd or usb-zip mode.

    4. Drive support for Win98/se Led indicator display.

    5. The cod plate is waterproof.

    6. High read and write speed.

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