Features Of Our Mini Speaker

- Apr 03, 2018-

1, wireless bluetooth speakers fashion design! Lead the new trend!
2, the box body design! Reflect fashionable beauty!
3, perfect match apple! HTC! Nokia! Samsung! Such as all kinds of mobile phone! Need to match the bluetooth!
4, perfect matching notebook!
5, great sound quality! Meet the needs of music enthusiasts!
6, card function, to enjoy music anytime and anywhere! !
7, compact elegant, easy to carry!
8, the operation is simple, and easy to understand!
9, hands-free bluetooth, convenient and safe answer the phone!
 Multifunctional bluetooth speaker is a smart phone, tablet, laptops and other mobile audio-visual products enjoy synchronous upgrade, improved hearing will match. At the same time, in the mobile products, is listening to music and enjoy the songs, learning a language, learn to sing the songs, the best choice of the practice speech skills, etc.

aluminum metal portable bluetooth speaker.jpg