High Speed Usb

- May 14, 2018-

    High speed usb 3.0.

    1. A brief description

    Twister/Swivel is the most popularUSB flash drive in our series. The model has a rotating metal cover. The USB flash drive's shell can be a Pantone color match, including the rotation/rotation part of the metal.

    2.Full color printing.

    The best printing method is very popular on usb. It shows all the colors and functions of any usb you    want to print.

    3.Silk screen printing

    When selecting screen printing, the printing method can not always print the gradual color, it is monochrome printing, so that the logo is very clear and the color will not fade.

    4.Laser engraving.

    The metal laser has an amazing appearance, but this method does not show the color of your logo.

    The company has more than 10 years of experience in producingUSB flash drive, and is sold at home and abroad, and is recognized as one of the manufacturers and suppliers of the professional twister USB flash drive 3.0. The customized twister usb flash drive 3.0 is also available.

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    The official website:http://www.atopchip.com.

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