History Of The Development Of Memory Sticks

- Jan 22, 2018-

SONY's lone character created a memory stick.This type of gum storage device can be used in almost all SONY AV products.The memory stick (memory stick) is lightweight and versatile.It highly compatible and unprecedented "general storage media (Universalmedia)" concept for the future high-tech personal computers, televisions, phones, digital cameras, camcorders, and portable personal audio and video equipment provides a new generation of faster, more large capacity of digital information storage and exchange medium.This also enables our company to have a great level of improvement in product production.

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The memory stick can be used in very compact mobile phones and digital cameras as well as in electronic products such as MP3 players.In order to obtain larger capacity and speed, SONY launched a new memory stick Pro, it is developed by SONY and SanDisk, compared with the memory stick, the external capacity does not change, but the use of traditional 8 gb memory stick can be achieved.This technology, if used in USB, can improve the quality of USB.The memory stick Pro Duo adds all of the advanced memory sticks to the Duo format.It USES a high density overlay technique.