It's Easy To Kill A Usb Stick By Hand

- May 03, 2018-

It's easy to kill a usb stick by hand

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Usually the most important business information or personal information is in the U disk, because it is very convenient to carry. So the usb flash drive is now the most common storage tool we have. However, some criminals also value the convenience of usb flash disk, release the virus in the U disk, and connect different computers to spread the virus through the usb flash drive. It caused a certain loss to us.

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The famous U disk virus has 1KB virus, etc., which will cause our important data files to disappear and affect our study and life. So how can we give U disk virus? A lot of people are not very clear, today the sloke U dish manufacturer will share with you a few small methods:

   1. Want to give U disk manually antivirus is easy, because U disk virus generally will not be much advanced technology, first turn on the usb flash drive is connected to the computer, at this time do not double-click the usb removable disk drive, but in my computer address bar enter removable disk address I: \ means to open the removable disk I.


   2. This way, because you can avoid directly trigger your computer U disk virus infection, opened, select tools - folder options, we want to through this simple Settings allow the virus in the sky.

   3. After opening the folder options function, click to find hidden files and folders in it, and then choose to display hidden files, folders and drives inside. And then click ok, you will find that the more U disk inside a few files you don't know, these files are translucent state, and is INF files or EXE the end, this is where the hidden virus, with software pieces or delete can directly.

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     Xinyuanchuang U manufacturer and everyone share the small method, have learned?

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