Key Shape USB Drive

- May 11, 2018-

  It is well known that in a society where information is exploding, the container for storing information is critical, and it can do flash information and instantaneously transfer information. Therefore, believe that you will be equipped with a usb drive in the era of big data.

  Here are a few of the key features of a usb flash drive.


Key Shape USB Drive

Silver Aluminum Key USB Flash Drives_1.jpg

Silver Aluminum Key USB Flash Drives

Brief description
Comparing with the traditional materials, the main strength of Key USB is Silver aluminum protection. This USB has unique advantage on the electronic side because of using hard metal material, which has waterproof and shockproof function. Besides, the customer can use the creativity to laser their logo patterns on the key USB.

Car Key Shape USB Drive_1.jpg

   Car Key Shape USB Drive

Brief description

Although the size of this key shaped is slim, its inside is so big. It has two colors, silver and golden. You can choose either of them that you like. Its small size doesn’t affect its capacity. With the hole at the top, it can be easily strung with any keychain. Its delicate and elegant appearance let it be outstanding among other USB shapes.

Colourful Aluminum Key USB Flash Drives_2.jpg

Colourful Aluminum Key USB Flash Drives

 Brief description
This colorful key USB drive, it’s not only a way to store your data, it can also advertise your band or company. Every time you use it , your customers will notice the information on it. It looks like just a ordinary key, but it fits with any key ring. It features Loop for lanyard or key ring, and it made of thin metal, so the texture feels good and smooth.

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