Kinds Of Battery From Speaker

- Apr 02, 2018-

Some kinds of batteries of mini speakers

1.Polymer battery:

Advantage: safe and efficient, soft package no explosion hidden trouble.

Disadvantages: a variety of miscellaneous, pure cobalt (good) and pure manganese (poor) polymer battery spread several times.

2. 18650 battery

Advantages: excellent performance, charging and discharging can reach the upper level (mostly used for laptop battery), with explosion protection protection.

Disadvantages: more batteries and old batteries. The same 18650 battery is five to ten times worse than  the bad.

3.Aluminum shell battery

Advantage: the price is very cheap.

Disadvantages: poor performance.

Perform as energy sources, battery is the prior thought customers have when they pick mini speakr, above sentences show batteries you want to know,  you will know which one you prefer your mini speakers have. 

Shengzheng Xinyuanchunag company always choose batterys as wally as we can, our  mini speakers are  much better than other corporations same as us, cause we know the battery is soul for mini speaker.

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