Leather Usb Flash Drive Manufacturer

- Apr 21, 2018-

Our company is professional leather usb flash drive manufacturer and supplier in China, engaged in low price wholesale services.Welcome from our factory to buy cheap discount leather USB flash drive here.

Metal leather Usb flash drive.

high quality puleather usb flash drives

                                                                                    usb flash drives


1) available memory size: 128/256/512mb, 1/2/4/8/16/32/64gb or above.

2) materials: any

3) comply with USB specification 2.0.

4) high-speed, at least 10 years of data retention.

5) plug and play support: Win 98SE / 2000 / ME/XP/VISTA.

6) plug-ins and playback;No external power supply, USB bus power supply.

7) all drives adopt high quality Samsung/Hynix/Micron memory.

8) read speed (USB2.0) : 15Mbps.

metallic leather usb flash drive.jpg

                                                          metallic leather usb flash drive

9) write speed (USB2.0) : 5Mbps (depending on the configuration of the computer)

10) support multi-partition and password access.

11) support BIOS to boot for usb-zip or usb-hdd.

12) OEM: each USB drive is customized with your logo.

13) the packaging design can be changed according to the buyer's requirements.

14) before printing, we will send you an approval certificate (if necessary)

15) various colors can be selected, which is very suitable for personal preference.

16) FCC, CE and RoHS certification.

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                                                                     leather usb flash drive