LED Light Classical Mini Bluetooth Speaker

- May 08, 2018-

How to use a bluetooth speaker?

LED Light Classical Mini Bluetooth Speaker-1.jpg1. First turn on the switch and try to see if there is electricity. Generally speaking, if there is electricity, the opening switch will have a prompt.
If there is no response, it may require charging. We found the wires with three heads and two different functions.
2, we put the smaller trapezoidal connector into the audio on, plug at the other end of the USB connector into the computer, can be recharged, if have a power adapter can be inserted into a socket on the charging, charging light flashing.
Once the electricity is charged, we can try again to turn the switch on and use it normally. First, experience bluetooth. We can match it with a cell phone. First, press the play button on the stereo, and switch to bluetooth mode according to the voice prompt.
3. Then turn on the bluetooth on the phone, find the audio equipment and connect with it. The stereo also gives us voice feedback after a successful connection. When we find a song or video on our phone, the sound comes out of the stereo. A bluetooth powered computer can also try this method.
4. For a desktop without bluetooth, it is also possible to use a bluetooth speaker. The method is simple: long press the play key on the stereo, according to the voice prompt, switch to the external sound mode.
Then, attach the three-headed trapezium of the stereo system to the bluetooth speaker and plug the earphone connector of the other end into the computer's headphone jack. The sound that is played on the computer is emitted from the bluetooth speaker. This is the equivalent of using a bluetooth speaker as a wired sound.
5. Finally, if we want to play music without other tools, we can insert the expansion card into the bluetooth speaker. We can insert a usb flash drive or a TF card into the corresponding interface of the bluetooth speaker, and if there is a music file in it, the bluetooth speaker will automatically play it.

Let's watch a couple of bluetooth speakers.
LED Light Classical Mini Bluetooth Speaker-2.jpg

LED Light Classical Mini Bluetooth Speaker-1

LED Light Classical Mini Bluetooth Speaker-3.jpg

LED Light Classical Mini Bluetooth Speaker-2

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