Make A Bootable Anti-virus U Disk

- May 03, 2018-

How to make a bootable anti-virus U disk

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brands metal usb flash drive.jpg                         What is a bootable U disk?

As the name implies, making a bootable anti-virus U disk must be to achieve two conditions: one to boot from the boot U disk; two must have anti-virus features. In fact, when the bootable U disk is connected to the computer, the computer enters the system and enters the dos or winpe system in the boot U disk. Ordinary u disk is nothing, only for data storage.

The specific steps to create a bootable anti-virus U disk:

                               First: make a boot U disk:

If you are already buying a bootable USB stick, you can simply omit this step. However, most U-disks are non-bootable U-disks, so they need to be made into bootable U-disks through software.

              Second: since the launch of U disk has anti-virus function:

Just like making a bootable USB flash drive, making an anti-virus USB stick also requires the aid of tools. At present, many of the well-known anti-virus software have the function of making anti-virus U disk. The following is the current most popular anti-virus software Rising, Jiangmin, for example, introduces the anti-virus usb flash drive production process.

1. Jiangmin Antivirus Software 2005 Edition

(1) Run Jiangmin anti-virus software in the system, click on "Tools → Make DOS Anti-Virus Partner", in the pop-up "Jiangmin Antivirus Software Disk Production Tool" window, specify "write target" as the U drive letter, Click the "Start" button to finish.

(2) How to use:leather case usb flash drive.jpg

The anti-virus U disk made by Jiangmin anti-virus software is different from Rising Anti-virus U disk. You can run KVDOS.exe file in DOS environment to eliminate viruses without starting the CD-ROM. Among them, the F3 key is an antivirus shortcut key.

Create your own self-initiated anti-virus U disk to ensure system security and stability.

2, Rising Antivirus Software Version 2006

(1) In the system, Rising Antivirus software version 2006 has been installed. Click the menu item “Start → Programs → Rising Antivirus → Rising Tools → Rising U Disk Removal Tool” and follow the wizard to select “U Disk Driver” to copy the virus database. usb drive to complete.

(2) How to use:

If the system cannot start because of a virus, you can use anti-virus to start it and then call the latest virus database on the U disk to kill the system virus.

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