Metal Enamel USB Flash Drive

- Jun 04, 2018-

  With the rapid popularization of the Internet, the amount of information is larger. It is impossible for the human brain and the notebook to fully record the complete and valid information. However, the appearance of the U disk, with its characteristics of small volume, light weight and diversified capacity, has been favored by more and more business people, students, faculty members and administrators.

  Metal enamel USB flash driveMini custom USB memory stick Colorful metal flash disk 8gb USB pen drive


Metal enamel USB Flash Drive.jpg


Product Type:Metal enamel USB flash drive
Size:custom size
Logo:enterprise logo, ads logo,banner, signs, slogan
Color:custom color

Metal enamel USB Flash Drive_1.jpg


QC:Every production process and final inspection
Payment term:T/T or Western Union or Paypal
1. 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipping
2. 100% if small quantity/sample

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