Mini Bluetooth Earphone And Our Health

- May 04, 2018-

Ears and health
  People often mistake ear - ear for hearing loss and ear disease. The truth is, though, that ear earphones are safe to use.

  The first point: you need to know that no matter what headphones you use (or speakers), listening to music for Colorful Sport Wire Earphone01.jpga long time and at a high volume can damage your hearing. The advantage of using earphones is that you can turn the ol-ume down very low, because you don't have to raise the volumeooffset the background noise. This smaller volume means that using earphones will be safer than earphones in noisy environments. An-d don't think earphones can hurt your hearig by getting close to the eardrum. Since the use of earphones is low, it is at least as

safe as a normal earphone at the same volume. (scientific basis: 1,2)

  Second point: when a foreign object is inserted into the ear canal, your ears produce more wax. This is a way for the body to protect itself against external objects and to prevent bacterial growth when the body is moist and closed in the ear canal. Therefore, in the use of in-ear headphones, it is best from time to time remove the headset to air circulation, relax the ear canal, also can let you in the middle of the deep/ear can under the voice continued bombing) have a short rest. Regular cleaning of earwax is also recommended. Before you do it, though, ask your doctor how to clean your earwax safely. After accidentally entering the inner ear canal, it can cause blockage and even infection (if the wax is congealing to the ear). Once the ear infection is discovered, please stop using any earphone immediately and seek medical advice immediately.
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Mini Bluetooth Earphone S530 01

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Mini Bluetooth Earphone S530 02

Other Goods

2018 treding earphone
1.IOS system electric quantity display
2.Support Dual languages English and Chinese voice switch 
3.Support no connection automatic unconnected
4.Support connecting two medias at the same time,automatically switch
5.voice broadcast incoming phone number

Other Goods
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