Mini Usb flash drivers with us

- Apr 11, 2018-

   Mini USB, also called mini USB, it is a standard USB interface, USB is the abbreviation of English UniversalSerialBUS, Chinese meaning is "universal serial bus," is to transfer data between PC and digital devices and the development of technology.Standard USB, MiniUSB, and MicroUSB are the most common USB ports.Compared with standard USB, MiniUSB is smaller and is suitable for small electronic devices such as mobile devices.MiniUSB is divided into type A, type B and type AB.MiniB type 5 pin this interface can be said to be one of the most common interface, this interface due to the mistaken insertion performance outstanding, the volume is small, so are winning a lot of manufacturers, this interface is widely in card reader, MP3, digital cameras and mobile hard disk.

  Well, now it's my pleasure to recommend our Xinyuanchuang company's product--usb flash drivers:

1、Credit Card Shapes Usb Flash Drive 3.0Credit Card Shapes Usb Flash Drive 3.0 1.Data retention time is long. 2.Similar CARDS, big design space.


2、PVC Gifts Custom Usb Drive:PVC Gifts Custom Usb Drive OEM/ODM any design; 2D/3D ; PVC/Rubber/silicone.


3、High Speed Usb Flash Drive 3.0:High Speed Usb Flash Drive 3.0 1.High Speed 2.Material: Rubber Plastic and Metal 3.Data retention time is long.