The background and function of OTG technology

- Apr 03, 2018-

    The development of USB technology enables PC and peripheral devices to connect devices of various data transmission speeds through simple means and appropriate manufacturing costs. The applications mentioned above are all connected to PC via USB and data exchange under PC control.

But this convenient exchange means that once you leave the PC, you can't operate on the USB port, because none of the devices can act as a PC.

OTG technology is to realize data transfer between devices without Host. For example, the digital camera connects directly to the printer and connects the USB port between the two devices through OTG technology, and prints the photos immediately. It is also possible to send data from a digital camera, via OTG, to a USB port on a removable hard disk, where there is no need to carry an expensive memory card or carry a portable computer.

    Through OTG technology, we can extend USB interface accessories to smart terminals to enrich the functions of smart terminals, such as expanding remote control accessories, and turning mobile phones and tablets into universal remote control.

plastic otg usb flash drive with cap.jpg