New Members To Join

- Mar 15, 2018-

     Today, our team has another new member. In the good market situation, we have unprecedented development opportunities. Your arrival has injected fresh blood and new kinetic energy into the company's development. This is the blessing of the company and an important opportunity for your personal growth and development.

Do any work, be enthusiastic, have a mind; Work hard and work hard. Here are a few Suggestions for your reference.

Adapt to the new environment.

Our Xinyuanchuang Company.jpg

Our Xinyuanchuang Company 

Our workshop..jpg

Our workshop

    Although we grow up in different environments and from different professions, our goals are the same in order to train ourselves and enrich ourselves in this large group. Take things as they come. I hope you will not only adapt to life and work, but also adapt to your thinking. You sometimes feel that the company is not as fair as you think. You know, there is an error in the evaluation of life, and there is no such thing as absolute justice. But in the face of the striving, the opportunity is always equal. To bear the grievance. Without a certain capacity, how can I top the beam? A man's destiny is always in his own hands. Be convinced that the sun always rises in the company, even if it is still below the horizon.

Build a sense of ownership.

    When you enter the company, you become part of the team. Although you are just an ordinary employee now, you and I are responsible for the rise and fall of the company. Therefore, we hope that in this new collective, we will give full play to our subjective initiative, actively create and explore, and strive to cultivate our ability to accomplish tasks independently. If I found the company's management and operation have badly, don't stay in the whining and send some sound, to further identify actual situation, put forward practical and feasible Suggestions and solutions to the problem.

    Learn to collaborate

It is also a kind of fate that we get together, so we are better able to cooperate with each other and improve our ability to communicate and cooperate with others.

Learn something new.

Any theory comes from practic.