Outdoor Keychain Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

- May 07, 2018-

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Outdoor Keychain Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  Because the normal mini bluetooth speaker is difficult to meet the requirements of the outdoor environment, the outdoor mini bluetooth speaker is created. Its wireless, portable, household can outdoor use, can meet the requirements of basic waterproof and fall off, can satisfy a simple outdoor sports, but also due to the limitation of the volume is too small, the sound quality can't have bigger breakthrough, only on the portability and water-proof, it broke a breakthrough, the life is in commonly 3 ~ 5 hours of battery life is only a short outdoor activities. As a transition product for outdoor bluetooth speakers, the price is relatively cheap. The main advantages of such speakers are compact, portable and portable, but the small side of the speaker is the sound quality, poor bass and short battery life.

  From the description of the above outdoor bluetooth speakers, we have a preliminary understanding of the location and product related knowledge of this bluetooth speaker. Let's take a look at some specific products.

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Outdoor Keychain Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker_1

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Support A2DP, AvRCP, headset, hands free profile
Working range: up to 10m
Working time: 4 hours
Horn specifications: 45mm 26Ohm 3W
Loudspeaker Output: 3W
Battery Charging Voltage: 5V

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