Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

- May 05, 2018-

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Why do more and more people usebluetooth speakers?

Bluetooth speaker why more and more people use, bluetooth speaker, because of its convenience and widely welcomed, its biggest characteristic is to support bluetooth phone, connected with bluetooth devices play music at any time, a lot of people buy bluetooth speakers just in order to expand the volume of the music, as for bluetooth speakers have what use a lot of people didn't understand. Music works better.

Bluetooth speakers in addition to make sound more clear, and the design of the heavy bass will let the music sound better, more perfect, the effect of music performance more incisively and vividly, make listening to music with a feeling of auditory feast. Easier control

Generally speaking, the transmission distance of bluetooth is about 10 meters, which is exactly the size of a room, and can transmit data on the partition wall. In this way, you can easily make the sound size, pause, and tune the music to make the auditory experience more comfortable and suitable for home and automobile environment.

  Since the bluetooth speaker has so many advantages, let's take a look at some of the following bluetooth audio products.

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Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker_1

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Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker_2

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Other Goods

• Support Micro SD card , USB ,MP3, PC                    
• Appearance design: plastic,          
• Outdoor Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker System Compatible with Multimedia Devices   
• Computer Speakers: fully compatible with support FM/ MP3/MP5 / mobile phone / computer /PC audio connection as active speakers.     
• Built-in high-capacity battery.   
• Mini small speakers, silver coins size, easy to carry

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