Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

- May 19, 2018-

Bluetooth is a low cost, high-volume, short-range wireless communication standard. Bluetooth technology is the most widely used bluetooth mobile device in our daily life, such as mobile phone bluetooth headset. The advent of bluetooth headset has brought too much convenience to people's life.

1. A bluetooth headset makes driving safer, and drivers don't need a safety board in one hand. The other hand answered by phone, which not only hindered movement, but also affected security. The advent of the bluetooth headset freed the driver's hands, allowing him to spend years driving and reducing unnecessary traffic accidents.

2. The biggest difference between bluetooth earphones and traditional headphones is "wireless", which is less bulky, lighter and simpler.

Our company has all kinds of bluetooth headsets. Next, let's look at the blue face headset.

Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor portable bluetooth speaker 1. Portable bluetooth speaker 2.

• support Micro SD card, USB,MP3, PC.

• appearance design: plastic,

• outdoor portable mini bluetooth speaker system compatible with multimedia equipment.

· computer speakers: fully compatible with FM/ MP3/MP5 / mobile phone /PC /PC audio connected to active speakers.

• high capacity manufacturing.

Mini speaker, silver coin size, easy to carry.

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