Password Encrypted Metal USB Flash Drive

- May 12, 2018-

Thank you for visiting our usb drive and this list. We can also customize your logo on these usb drives.

Cryptographic metal u disk.

Password encrypted metal USB flash drive specification order flow 1. Choose the USB style to contact our sales, tell them the style you are interested in, confirm the capacity and quantity, and provide pictures and original design.password encryption metal usb flash drives.jpg

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1. We have over 12 years of experience in usb flash drive.

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3. We test each product before shipment to ensure quality.

4. Our product has a five-year guarantee, except for man-made damage.

5. Design the logo with usb.

6. You can pre-load the file to usb and make it undeleted.

7. When usb is inserted into the computer, the AD file can be played automatically.

8. Add more value to your gift, add a key chain, pull a cord neck string orUSBcable.

9. Ask about our wide selection of packaging options, including various gift boxes and custom clam shells.

10. Encrypt to protect your data.

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