Pen USB Flash Drive With Removable Ink

- May 22, 2018-

Pen USB flash drivewith removable ink.

Pen USB flash drive 1. Pen drive details: stylus/USB drive :USB pen drive factory's waterproof and removable printing: laser engraving, custom color printing.

2. Product introduction

A USB drive made of metal and plastic promotional gift pens.

Feel comfortable and reduce fatigue. USB memory can be removed from the top, but not affected.

The effect of the needle itself. An outline made of smooth, durable leather material and soft velvet.

The lining is comfortable, these administrative promotion USB drives conveniently narrow to the base, so you.

The fingers are more natural and more relaxed. These include rugged metal clamps that are easy to carry and these habits.

The pen USB drive pops up from the top and exposes the easy-to-use flash drive.

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