Slap Wristband USB Drive

- May 12, 2018-


Slap Wristband USB Drive_3.jpg  USB flash disk, full name USB flash disk, English name "USB flash disk". It is a small, high-volume mobile storage product that USES USB interface without physical drive, and is connected to the computer via USB interface, which is plug and play.
  The name of the USB stick is originated from a new type of storage device produced by lucent technologies. It is called "USB flash drive" and is connected by USB interface. USB flash drive is connected to the USB interface of the computer, and the USB flash disk can be exchanged with the computer. After that, the equipment for similar technology was patented by the company, which could no longer be called "usb flash drive", but called "usb drive". Later, the term "usb" was widely known for its simplicity and was one of the mobile storage devices. There are a number of      USB drives that support multiple ports, namely the three-way USB drive (USB port, iOS apple interface, android interface).That's it for a brief introduction.

  Let's take a look at some of the usb Disk products.

Slap Wristband USB Drive_1.jpg

Slap Wristband USB Drive_1

Slap Wristband USB Drive_2.jpg

Slap Wristband USB Drive_2


Chic modeling and compact design. Unique design greatly compressed volume , more convenient to carry
Grade A chip  USB we offered are full capacity and All can be passed H2 Test
Fast delivery time. Sample time 1-3 business days. Bulk production time 3-10 business days. Exactly time depends on your requirement
High Quality Goods, Professional Technology and Good After-sales Service.


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