Style Of Mini Speaker Gradually Updating For Users Of Best Experience

- Mar 31, 2018-

  Mini speaker is changing into low power wireless communication \low power consumption\Open interface standards\The chips are getting smaller and smaller.Style Of Mini Speaker Gradually Updating For Users Of Best Experience.

  Our Xinyuanchuang company keeps abreast of The Times, develops and produces all kinds of beautiful and innovative bluetooth speakers. Because of the various styles, here, I will simply list several, for your purchase.

1、Aluminum Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  A10 Aluminum metal portable bluetooth speaker has 4 fashioons colors gold, silver, black, rose gold. metal, simple, stylish, fit your individual needs. there must be one best for you.
Support handfree calling, reduce calling noise, speaker into the Mic, clearer calling experence.

bluetooth speaker.jpg

2、LED Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm
  Product Code: BTS-390 -LED Bluetooth Speaker -Touch Sensor Table Lamp -Dimmable Warm White Light & Color Changing RGB+ Multicolor Dimmable Night Light -Clock,Alarm Clock, Hands-free, Timing Function -FM radio Touch-controlled LED light Bluetooth speaker with screen 1.With Clock+Alarm...

led bluetooth speaker with alarm.jpg


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