Tell You How To Pick The Speakers

- May 03, 2018-

There are a lot of buyers who don't know how to choose the speakers, and our company has made some conclusions about the sound system:


1. Frequency range:

The full name is frequency range and frequency response.

The former refers to the lowest effective playback frequency and maximum of the speaker system.

The range of effective playback frequencies;

The latter refers to an audio signal that is connected to the system by a constant voltage output, and the speaker.

The pressure and phase of the sound pressure change with the frequency change, and the change of phase with frequency.

The relation between the position and frequency is called the frequency response, and the unit decibel (dB).

The curves of sound pressure and phase lag are called "amplitude-frequency characteristics" and "phase frequency characteristics", which are called "frequency characteristics".

2. Sensitivity coefficient:

Refers to the sound pressure level measured in a meter above the vertical axis of the loudspeaker plane, when input 1W/1KHz signal to the input end of the speaker.

The unit of sensitivity is dB (dB).

Poor speakers, the sensitivity of each 3 db, the output sound pressure differs twice, the sensitivity of ordinary speakers, within the range of 85 ~ 90 db below 85 db for low sensitivity, above 90 db for high sensitivity, usually the sensitivity of multimedia speaker is slightly lower.

3. Power size:

Feel how powerful the sound of the speakers can be.

For average household users about 20 square meters of room to say, true meaning of 50W power is enough, there is no need to excessively pursue high power.

4. Distortion degree:

Distortion of electrical signal conversion.

The distortion of the acoustic wave allows the range to be 10%, and the average ear is not sensitive to distortion within 5%.


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