The Reason For The Loss Of Usb Data

- Jun 09, 2018-

What's the usb flash drive?

What is a usb drive?

U disk is a small, portable, can be inserted into the plug into the computer USB memory, in the past, U disk capacity is small, only a few megabytes, now, U disk capacity is more and more big, the 8 gb, 16 gb capacity USB flash drive has been very common.

USB drives are the easiest to use of all memory because they are small enough to be in a pocket, can be connected to any computer USB drive, and do not require additional installation drivers.

Although smaller than a mobile hard drive, the usb drive is smaller, more durable, and more convenient.



The reason for the loss of usb data

The following are some common situations that may cause data loss of usb disk and their realization:

1. Carelessly, misformatting operation was performed;


2. Computer virus destruction;


3. Circuit failure of computer USB interface or USB drive itself;


4. Incorrectly plug and unplug the USB disk on the computer USB interface;


5. Carelessly, the file was deleted by mistake on the usb drive;


6. Circuit failure of computer usb interface or usb drive itself;


7. Due to software error, the file system in the usb disk has been changed to Raw format.


8. After inserting the usb flash drive, the system prompts the usb drive to be formatted.


If it is a hardware problem, it is recommended that you ask a professional data recovery company expert to restore the data on the usb disk.


If it is not a hardware problem, then usb data recovery is no different from ordinary hard disk data recovery. It is recommended that you use data recovery software to restore usb data!