Transparent Credit Card USB Flash Drive.

- Apr 18, 2018-

Transparent credit card USB flash drive.



1.100% custom USB design our company can produce 100% custom 

USB flash disk design for customers with specific needs. Your imagination is the only limit.1. Customer provides USB image or physical model;

2. Our Xinyuanchuang factory will design 3D / 2D graphics/structure

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Product details

1.100% custom USB design.

Our company can produce 100% custom USB flash disk designs for customers with specific needs. Your imagination is the only limit.



Production of new molds procedures.

1. Customers provide USB images or physical models;

2. I will design the corresponding 3D / 2D graphics/structure drawings for free.

3. Customer check and confirm;

4. Start making samples;

5. Check again and confirm again;

Start mass production.

Please note that your logo will be supplied with the new tooling without further printing.



2. Upload the file to your selected transparent card USB.

Our company can upload your files to any USB flash drive, which may include photos, music, PDF files, video, audio files, and even PowerPoint presentations.Do you want your data to be unrecoverable/unrepeatable?Or do the password-protected drive let no one access it?We can do it all.

Note that the file preloading for each USB memory stick is free.