Type Of USB Flash Drive

- Jan 22, 2018-

  USB disk be divided into advertising u disk, light-emitting u plate, waterproof u disk, creative USB drive and so on.

  a、Advertising u disk

Often used by businesses to advertise their own business or product groups. DOEM usb stick .jpgivided into two categories, the first type of advertising u disk, that is, the reader stores a commercial web site in advance, with a common U disk, any function, when the Web site U-Disk reader inserted into the computer's USB interface, the computer will immediately automatically enter the business website URL; the second type of ads U disk: Customers can be the logo for digital color processing processing, The formation of a variety of color effects, but also can be used to deal with Matt Light effect. Very beautiful!


  b、Light-emitting u plate

light-emitting u disk is divided into two categories, the first category: the U disk can be in the U disk Shell to add a special light-emitting material, similar to the effect of light-emitting fluorescent rods. Simple but practical. The second category: the U disk is a U disk through the PCB board traction a group of power supply circuit for light-emitting devices, light-emitting devices have many kinds of LED lights, LED screen, there are small bulbs (but this is very rare). This u disk can only be inserted in the computer to emit brilliant luster.

led light crysta usb flash drive .jpg


  c、Creative USB drive

Wood Credit Card USB Flash Drive

wood credit card usb flash drive .jpgimage.png