Usb Flash Drive

- May 03, 2018-

In all these years of work and life, the USB stick is a storage tool that we all used. Is there any common knowledge that accumulative USB stick?

Replace the USB icon


USB flash drive, ico format icon (you can find relevant documents on the Internet).

classic swivel usb flash drives.jpg

high speed usb stick 3.0

create a new "text document", open the document and enter: [autorun], icon=1. Ico, then save the document and change the name to "autorun.inf", then exit the USB drive, and then re-insert it into effect.

If the computer defaults to the extension, do the following: find the tools option on my computer, and select the folder option in the drop-down menu. Select "view" in the pop-up window, scroll down in the advanced Settings, remove the "file type extension" check, and then click ok.

maple wood usb stick.jpg

maple wood usb stick

  • Product Details

• Plug-and-play. 

• Reliable quality, 100% QC passed. More than 10 years of data retention.

• Supports Password Protection. 

• Auto run function (Optional), enable auto presentation of customer advertisement when plug into computer. 

• Provide other OEM services, ie. logo printing, data preload. 

• Warranty:3 years. 

• Packing: bulk packed, small white box, blister, metal box, gift box for choice