USB Format

- Apr 16, 2018-

  What is USB formatting actually?  While many simply use the formatting option as a quick way to erase the contents of their USB drives, its main purpose is to prepare your device to receive and send data to your PC. To go to the USB drive format menu, plug the USB device to your PC, open a File Explorer window, then right-click on the USB drive and choose the Format option. The HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool was created to format USB drives and desktop computers that were produced prior to 2012 and computers that run Windows XP. The formatting tool will work with newer Windows operating systems but results may vary.


  • It is best used on USB drives and it strips and re-formats your drives

  • The GUI is very familiar because it looks just like the Windows XP formatting tool

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Black Laser Pointer Pen USB Flash Drives01

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Black Laser Pointer Pen USB Flash Drives02

black laser pointer pen usb flash drives03.jpg

Black Laser Pointer Pen USB Flash Drives03