Antique Style Key USB Flash Drives

- Jan 22, 2018-

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  Antique Style Key USB Flash Drives

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  Antique style Metal Key USB Flash Drives 1. Brief description This Key USB is same shape as our other golden or silver USB key, the only difference is its antique color and the special heart on the key, which make it more valuable and meaningful gifts for friends or lovers. 2. Quick details 

  Related description:The product first looks like a key in the whole, the color is copper color, the handle of the key USES hollow technology, creates a love shape. There is a small circle at the top of the handle, which you can use to loop around and hang around your neck, and you can have it with your partner, or your partner. Our company designs this kind of U disk product carefully, our design idea is: the hope has the lover finally to be married, has been in love with each other. Taking your hand, growing old with you together,sincerely.

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