What Is The Meaning Of Anticipated Replenishment, Under Replenishment And Current Shortage?

- Apr 14, 2018-

Below please see a short description of the meaning that you can view on the product page of Shenzhen XinYuanChuang Technology Co.,Limited:

“In stock, usually within X working days” - This item is in stock and will be shipped after a specific business day. If your order contains only multiple products in one package, use the longest working days as a reference for packages that are most likely to be dispatched.

"Restocking, listing soon." - The item is out of stock but is expected to be listed again soon.

"{date} Expected Replenishment" - This is the expected replenishment date for this product and may be used as a reference to determine when it can be used again. If the manufacturing process of the item is delayed, this date may change.

"Currently Sold Out" - We don't have inventory of this product, and we can't predict when we can buy it again.