Why Do More And More People Use Usb Drives?

- May 07, 2018-

    Why do more and more people use usb drives?

    Why more and more people are usingu disk, as a new human in the new century, u disk should be our contact most of digital products, usb flash drive in a high price is not used at the same time also is really, whether learning data copy, or music entertainment file transfer copy, u disk is assistant handling tools.

   U disk had a lot of popular, because the demand space is large, profitable, the moment into the format of u disk on the market, they not only have a faster and faster, speaking, reading and writing speed and large capacity, prices are decreasing year by year, not only at home and abroad well-known store brand presence, domestic emerging storage business emerge in endlessly.

   Seize the moment and our company keep up with the trend of the market, based on consumer demand, joined the u dish in the family, and is committed to the development of personalized usb flash drive, now small achievements, research and manufacturing all kin of exquisiteds u disk, such as this LED Watch Bracelet USB Flash Drives LED

Specificationled watch bracelet usb flash drives.jpg

●Size: 210 x 25 x 15mm

●Weight: 36g

●Built-in lithium battery and can display the time/ date

●Many colors are available: black , blue , green, purple, orange etc

●Full capacity : 32MB – 128GB

●Fashion Appearance with data storage

●OEM / OEM is welcome, logo printing  ,file preloaded ,Partition, Volume label etc are accept

●Guarantee: 3 years.

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