Wireless Light With Silent Headphones!

- Apr 03, 2018-

    At the CES consumer electronics show in January this year, the Nordic Danish audio brand Libratone (bird stereo) debuted its new bluetooth, Track+ wireless noise-cancelling headphones. In the previous period, the author received the first engineering prototype of Track+. First of all, the product has no problem in the completion of appearance, but it has not been improved in function. For example, intelligent recognition of the surrounding environment and automatic switching of appropriate noise levels are not available on this engineering prototype.Wireless Light With Silent Headphones.jpg

    Track + the necklace design characteristics of the more popular is light, the use of lightweight design weighs only 28 g, its neck with very soft can be arbitrary Angle bending, neckband and cables part adopts the soft and elastic close skin material, for the standard three key type wire control, round oval headset wearing comfortable effect solid cavity; The headset adopts a new adaptive intelligent noise reduction technology.

Just like Libratone's refreshing, concise and low-key brand tonality, this new product Track+ simple and low-key appearance hides the small surprise that the designer brings to the user. In order to ensure the daily wearing of comfortable and portable, the adjustable noise reduction function of the headset enables users to enjoy the music more attentively or quietly in the daily office and commuting environment. However, the sound performance of the positive balance in the third frequency gives Track+ a strong moving coil flavor, which is believed to be very pleasing to the public ear. Track+ may be a perfect choice for consumers who like the light, the need for noise reduction and the wireless experience.

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