Wireless Sport Earphone

- May 02, 2018-

  What is the use of headphones? Let's take a look.

  1.The phone headphone is connected directly to the phone's special headphone jack and can be used.
  2. The earphone can be found in the phone's headphone hole, and the sound on the phone will be sent through the earphone.
  3. If the phone calls or calls, you can use the headset.
  4. You can answer or hang up the phone by pressing the middle button near the ear.

  After mastering the use of headphones.let's take a look at some of these headphones.

Wireless Sport Earphone

Wireless Sport Earphone.jpg

    Headphones a words all don't strange, the appearance of headphones can make people in the don't disturb others rest or speak don't disturb others when also can let you enjoy the beautiful music. A picture on the right side is our earphone, we can see this a headset is very small, also on the appearance design is very simple, mainly made up of two yellow and grey these two colors; Will tell from the function, the headset can adjust the volume, the volume of the adjusted to you can accept, at the same time, the headset the material also is very good - to bear or endure dirty, specially for you

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