Wood Clamp U Disk

- May 22, 2018-

Wood clamp u disk

Testing and quality assurance:

1. Ensure 100% test files are tested twice before shipment.

2. All of the chips were imported from South Korea and Japan, and there were no counterfeits or upgrades.

3. We offer a five-year guarantee. All our products are of good quality and condition, and the maintenance rate is 0.002% in the past five years.

Packing and delivery

The packing details

Paper box USB, plastic box USB,metal box USB.

4. The batch

5. Customize your needs.

The time of delivery

Usually 1-5 days, depending on the amount.

Notes for use:

A. Make sure your computer doesn't get infected, or it will damage the USB's built-in programs.

B. If it is not necessary, please do not pull USB directly from the computer. USB should be removed safely before exiting the computer; Otherwise, it will reduce the working life of USB.

C. Please keep the backup files of important files. Don't send the files out; it's better to copy them.

D. some factors may result in data loss: suddenly loses power, unstable power supply, incorrect insert USB, or exit the wrongly delete, error formatting, virus damage, electrical shock, encryption, and access restrictions, firmware upgrades, electromagnetic interference, etc.