Located in developed and electronic technique center - Shenzhen City, we focus on the following products:

---USB flash drive, USB disk, USB drive, OTG USB flash drive.

---Bluetooth speaker, portable Bluetooth speaker, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, mini Bluetooth speaker,    led Bluetooth speaker, wireless Bluetooth speaker.

---MP3 player, mini MP3 player, waterproof MP3 player.

---Earphone, sport earphone, Bluetooth earphone, wireless earphone.

---Socket, smart socket, wifi socket.

---Other products.

Bluetooth speaker.jpgMP3 player.jpgUSB flash drive.jpgwifi socket.jpgearphone.jpg

---Our USB flash drive with storage function usually apply to office working and school teaching, also can be as a gift etc.

---The Bluetooth speaker worked with USB drive, TF card, mobile phone, palmtop&desktop, can be used to listen to music, answer the phone, listen to the video and so on.

---Our newest wifi socket is for anywhere with wifi and electric that can be easy control by your mobile phone.


    In a word, our products are widely used for almost all field.