Custom Made Customized Name Chip Usb Flash Drive

Customized customized name card usb flash drive, customized LOGO advertising gift push and pull card usb flash drive creative

Product Details

U disk feature

interfaceUSB interface, no driver, plug and play hotplug.
Start up

Support USB ZIP/HDD boot

Save the dataData should be kept for at least 10 years
Applicable modelsVarious brands of PC and compatible computers
The specially designedAnti - seismic moisture, anti - electromagnetic wave
To protect themselves0 magnetic track protection, automatic virus protection
Working currentThe < 50 mA
Small sizePocket size, easy to carry
Concept of protectiveThe insert end is provided with a protective cover
fashionStreamlined appearance, dash design

Daily upkeep and maintenance:

1. Please keep the usb flash disk away from the wet and dusty environment;

2. Do not hit the usb disk violently to prevent the internal circuit components from falling off;

3. After using the usb disk, please take the correct way to disconnect from the computer. Please do not connect with the computer for a long time (more than 3 hours).

Notes for using usb flash drive:

1. In the use of this product, please make sure there is no virus in the computer, otherwise it may destroy the built-in program of the usb disk.

2. If it is not necessary, please do not pull out the computer directly. Please delete the USB safely before pulling out the USB disk, otherwise it will affect the service life of the USB disk.

3. Please keep the backup of important documents by yourself. Please do not cut them to transfer files. It is better to use replication and form a good habit of data backup.

4. Data loss might be caused by the following aspects, including suddenly loses power, power supply instability, abnormal pull plug, mistakenly deleted, formatted, virus, static shock bad, encryption and permissions, firmware upgrades, etc